Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a winner!

I'm not that old, but I remember back in my day, it was okay to lose. If you competed in a sport or a game, there was a winner and a loser. If you won, it was great! If you lost it was okay, you just had to figure out why you lost and try to win next time. That's how life was, there were winners and losers, and you had to try your best so that you could feel the thrill of victory. However, there was a great lesson to be learned in the agony of defeat.
Today, everyone is a winner! We cant keep score at children's games, because it's not about winning it's all about having fun. Everyone has to have a trophy, because someones feelings may get hurt. I'm starting to see the ill effects of this mentality already. Not just is sports, but in our society. Everyone has the feeling of self entitlement. Nobody wants to put in the extra work to succeed, and nobody will take responsibility or blame if they fail. There is always somebody else that is responsible for our mistakes.
The economy is our grown up sports field now. For a few years now, everyone had to be a winner. Everyone deserved to live in nice new home, whether you could afford it or not. You were entitled to it, because you are an American. Who cares if you even had a job. Worry about that later. If you decided you wanted something, just charge it. Enjoy now, pay later!
The bottom fell out, people realized that they couldn't afford these things after all. But who was to blame. Not the poor consumer, they were taken advantage of by the banks. We can't blame the banks, they were just trying to help the people. We are supposed to believe it's nobodies fault, that it just happened. Instead of hands up in the air saying, "Sorry, My fault". Everyone has there hands out asking for a bailout from the other guys mistake. Guess what people. you played the game and you lost. Better luck next time.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to the inside of my mind, buckle up!

So, today I was bored, and started playing on the computer. We have a "family" blog that suzanne controls. She has her playlist on there, which has 4 songs, none of which are really that good. So I took her playlist off, and put mine on. That lasted a whole 45 seconds, until she came in the room, realized what i'd done and quickly changed it back. She then said i hate your playlist, start your own blog. So ladies and gents, here we go. I am starting my own blog! it is here that I can write about all the crazy things that are stored in my head. So as we start this journey I only have one thing to say. Enjoy the ride, keep your hands and feet inside at all times, and never stand up.